The Scrooge and Marley Annual Christmas Ball **AUDITION INFORMATION**

The Scrooge and Marley Annual Christmas Ball is an interactive Victorian Christmas party. Audiences are guests at the ball, and actors perform a story as well as interact with audience members. The show is one hour long and is a straight show. There is caroling, but not all actors are required to carol. Please note! There will not be as many roles for child actors this year as there were last year. Auditions will be cold reads from the script and improv exercises. If you are interested in being a caroler, please prepare your favorite Christmas song and bring your own background track. Accompanist not provided.

Auditions: Tuesday, October 22nd at 6 PM

Performances: November 29th (5:30MPM and 7:30P) and 30th (3PM, 5PM, AND 7PM), December 5th (5:30PM and 7:30PM), 6th (5:30PM and 7:30PM) and 7th (3PM, 5PM, AND 7PM)

Rehearsal Schedule: November 2nd (11AM-4PM), 6th (6PM-9PM), 9th (11AM-4PM), 13th (6PM-9PM), 16th (11AM-4PM), 20th (6PM-9PM), 23rd (11AM-4PM), 26th (5PM-9PM)

Conflicts with rehearsal schedule could exclude you from being cast. Please look over your schedule carefully before considering auditioning. 



Male: 7, Female: 9, Either: 1, Extras (any gender): 5-15


Ebenezer Scrooge (Male, 60+)

Scrooge is a changed man, since Christmas five years ago. He is jovial and generous, and can seem eccentric and even mad to his Victorian contemporaries. 

Violet Pemberton (Female, late teens early 20s)

Daughter of a wealthy business owner who has dealings with Scrooge. She secretly wants to work in finance, but is afraid of disappointing her father.

Mr. Pemberton (Male, 30+)

The social leader of a group of suspicious and disapproving businessmen. He is aggressive in his business dealings but has a soft spot for his daughter, Violet, who he allows to help with the finances of the family business, provided no one knows, of course.

Mr. Bird (Male, 30+)

A sweet and suggestable businessman. He is a loyal follower of Pemberton’s. He however also has a domineering wife and four outspoken daughters. 

Mr. Hayworthy (Male, 30+)

Perhaps the most devious of the three businessmen, he encourages the baser instincts of Pemberton. 

Hattie Bird (Female, late teens early 20s)

She is the flighty, flirty daughter of Mr. Bird. She is the quintessential Victorian socialite. Despite their polar opposites, she is best friends with Violet Pemberton. 

Theodora Bird (Female, 30+)

Mr. Bird’s smart, controlling, overly dramatic wife. She has a presence that fills a room and is a terrible snob. 

Elsie Bird (Female, tweens/teens)

Second oldest daughter in the Bird family.

Kitty Bird (Female, 8-11)

Third daughter of the Bird’s.

Millie Bird (Female, 4-7)

Youngest Bird girl. 

Mary (Female, 16-50)

Employee of Scrooge.  She is smart, no-nonsense, and good with numbers.

Belle (Female, 60+)

She is Scrooge’s ex-fiance. Her son now works for Scrooge.

Martin (Male, 20s-40s)

Former debtor now works gratefully for Scrooge. 

Bob Cratchit (Male, 40+)

Long-time loyal employee of Scrooge. 

Emily Cratchit (Female, 40+)

Bob’s wife, warm and outgoing.

Timothy Cratchit (Male, teens)

Still has a bit of a limp, but his health has much improved. He is an apprentice at the Scrooge and Marley firm. But don’t call him Tiny Tim!

Christopher/Christine Jolly (Male or Female, 30+)

Owner of the Inn where the ball is held. 

Tableau Vivant (16+)

5-8 Performers. Must also be Improv Characters.

Carolers (16+)

4-8 Performers. Must also be Improv Characters. Available before and between performances to walk Sherman Ave with sandwich board and sing carols. Also some carols sung during performance. 

Improv Characters (16+)

Guests at the ball who interact with audience members

Actor who can play piano, actor who can play violin.